Helpful Information Regarding Commonly-Asked Questions

Useful FAQs to Help Answer Some Common Questions

Below we have included several commonly asked questions that we hear at Eastern Shore Porch and Patio regarding our products and service. If you still have any questions that aren't addressed here, feel free to call us at 302-436-9520 and we will be happy to assist you.

Find the Answers to Your Important Questions

What is virgin vinyl?
Virgin vinyl is just vinyl that has never been processed. Some extruders use what's called "regrinds" which is bits of vinyl from older extrusions.

How do I clean my fence or rail?
A good power washing works great! You won't hurt it. We sell products that you can use to pretreat, so the job goes much smoother.

Do you sell just parts?
Yes! Unlike the box stores, we will sell just the parts you need.

What's the warranty on my Eze-Breeze windows?
There is a lifetime warranty on the frames and a 10-year warranty on the vinyl, providing that you use the PGT cleaner and preservative twice a year.

How do I clean my Eze-Breeze windows?
You don't have to use the PGT cleaner every time you clean them! Simply use a 1/4 cup of Murphy's Oil Soap or Woolite added to a gallon of warm water. Get a mitten that you would use to clean a car and do one window (four panels) at a time.

How long will it take to get my job fabricated?
During the off-season, you can expect to get your rail job in three days and fence job in seven days. When everyone is busy (March - September), expect rail jobs to take a week and fences to take two weeks. We are adding another router and welder soon, so those times will change.

Can I get my Eze-Breeze window rerolled by you?
Yes! We reroll all Eze-Breeze windows and do any repairs (latches, etc.) for about $20 per panel, depending on size.

Do you deliver?
Yes! We will deliver within a 40-mile radius of Selbyville, DE. Cost will depend on size and distance. Orders over $3000 also get FREE delivery!

Will you install?
Yes! All our installs are done through Eastern Shore Porch and Patio. Call us at 302-436-9520 to set it up!
Additional benefits of working with Eastern Shore Porch and Patio include, a lifetime guarantee on vinyl products, custom services and on-site fabrication possibilities, less-expensive pricing and an ability to beat competitor prices, a highly-trained staff with long-term employees, and fast turnaround times!

We are the largest company on the eastern shore for installation options, so call 
302-436-9520 today for assistance!
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