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4 Questions to Ask Before Working With a Contractor


Before getting to work with any kind of contractor, you want to ask them these four important questions.

Whenever you choose to work with a contractor, you’re placing your time, money, and faith into the quality of their work. For many, that kind of investment is a serious concern; there are few worse feelings than finishing up a job and realizing that the quality wasn’t what you had expected and feeling like you wasted resources. Whether you’re building out a new fence, deck, or any other kind of major home improvement, your time and money matter. That’s why we’ve drummed up four questions you always want to ask a contractor before you get to work on a project. 

1. Have You Done Business Under Other Names?

This is a bit tricky as you’re going to want to take serious note of how a business answers this question. If they’ve operated under another name, there ought to be a clear, sensical reason for them to have done so. If they answer the question in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, this is likely because there is something shady surrounding their business dealings. This may mean they’ve disappeared on people in the past without finishing the job. Check with the Better Business Bureau or the Department of Public Safety if you still have concerns. 

2. What’s Your License Number? 

Most states require a contractor to register a license number for the work they perform. Once you’ve got ahold of your contractor’s license number, you can verify if there have been any past judgments or claims filed against them. This is a good way to double check that they aren’t hiding anything from you in terms of their record. 

3. How Do We Get in Touch?

Understanding how communication between you and your contractor works is critical to success for both parties. You should be able to get a physical address, cell phone number, and office number to contact everyone you’re dealing with. Signs that you may want to look elsewhere include only giving you a P.O. box or just a cell phone number and nothing else.

4. How Many Jobs Like This Have You Done?

Experience is the name of the game when it comes to any kind of contracting. If you’re having a vinyl fence installed, you don’t want to work with someone who is installing a vinyl fence for the first time. Instead, you want to look for someone who knows the industry’s ins-and-outs and is familiar with how to best get your specific job done. 

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