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4 Reasons to Add a Screened Room to Your Home

Are you ready to add a screened porch to your Maryland home?

Are you ready to add a screened room to your Maryland home?

Imagine all you can do with the addition of a screened room at home. It’s like having the best of both worlds; a covered space where you can still enjoy the fresh air of the season. Check out these advantages of having a screened room.

Escape from Bugs

You’ll immediately enjoy the peace of being able to enjoy the fresh air without having to swat flies and bugs constantly. This means that you’ll be able to read, relax, and even eat without having to deal with any nuisance bugs. This also means that you won’t be using any sprays, which can be toxic to the environment and unhealthy or irritating to the skin. In addition to bugs, you’ll also be keeping bigger critters off your property, like squirrels, raccoons, or even snakes depending on where you live.

Enhanced Privacy

Although screen porches use a see-through mesh, it still creates a barrier between your porch and the view of your neighbors. If you’ve ever tried to look through a screen, you noticed that your view was distorted just enough that you felt there was a real separation between where you were and the screened-in area. This distortion is what creates the enhanced privacy that you feel while enjoying your porch.

No Off-Season

The biggest advantage of having a screened porch is being able to enjoy it through all four seasons. Most families start to move all their activities indoor by the end of October, but a screen porch allows you to extend your time outside. Its protection from precipitation and wind offers enhanced comfort. In addition, you won’t have to worry about covering your furniture or finding storage space for other items. You can add a space heater or wood stove when the temperatures dip to make the space more comfortable in the winter. Likewise, install a ceiling fan for better air circulation in the summer.  

Extended Living Space

Think of this space as a screen room; additional square footage to the interior of your home. Because of the heat from direct sunlight, bugs, and other reasons, there are many people that have patios and porches but don’t use them. A screen will help you think of this area as an addition to your home rather than just an outdoor accessory. Make more memories with your family by having game night, carving pumpkins, and more fun activities in the added space.  

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