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The Benefits of Having a Screened Porch

The Benefits of Having a Screened Porch

A screened porch provides your home’s exterior with the perfect mixture between indoors and outdoors.

A screened porch provides your home’s exterior with the perfect mixture between indoors and outdoors. There are many benefits linked to having a screened porch outside your home, including increased home value, curb appeal, additional living space, comfort, protection, and privacy, to name a few. Below is an overview of five benefits linked to having a screened porch.

Outdoor Living Space

Screened porches provide the exterior of your home with a safe, comfortable, and enclosed outdoor living space. Outdoor living spaces can be multipurpose and are great places for relaxing, lounging, hosting events, and just enjoying the outdoors without worrying about the weather, bugs, and other outdoor elements.

Bug Protection

A common complaint of being outdoors is the constant pestering of insects and bugs. Screened porches protect you from many outdoor elements, including dirt and bugs, allow you to enjoy being outside without the risk of being bit or bugs flying in your food or drink.

Weather Protection

Screens provide your porch with additional shelter and coverage protecting you from outdoor weather conditions. For instance, screens provide shelter from rainy days and shading during hot sunny days while allowing fresh air to flow throughout the structure.


Although mesh screens are transparent, they still provide a sense of privacy to your outdoor living space. Screens provide an additional barrier around your porch, creating a sense of privacy and protection while maintaining an outdoor feel.

Increased Home Value

Screened porches add to your home’s value and curb appeal. If you plan to sell your house in the future, a well-built screened porch adds to your living space, increasing your property value giving you an advantage over prospective buyers or renters.

By screening your porch, you’re able to utilize it year-round for a variety of activities and functions, allowing you to enjoy the various benefits of your home’s outdoor living space.

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