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The Best Benefits of Outdoor Showers for Your Home

The Best Benefits of Outdoor Showers for Your Home

Not only are outdoor showers useful and fun, but they’re easy to plan and install.

Houses with outdoor showers are always reminiscent of the summer, vacation, and luxury. However, there are a lot of practical reasons why everyone needs an outdoor shower! While they seem like the most appealing option during the summer months, they can be wonderful to use year-round to help keep your home clean, your drains cleared out, and your floors pristine. Not only are outdoor showers useful and fun, but they’re easy to plan and install, especially with help from Eastern Shore Porch and Patio. If you are still on the fence about them, here are a few reasons to consider installing outdoor showers!

Keep All the Dirt Outside

Whether you are coming in from working out in the yard, your kids playing outdoors, or the family coming back from a day at the beach, the last thing you’ll want to do is track all of that dirt, sand, or mud into your home. The worst part is that even trying to clean up once you are inside is a hassle, and the particles can scratch up your flooring and clog up your drains. Being able to rinse off outside solves all of these issues.

Bathing Your Pets

We all love our furry friends. However, bathing them is an entirely different story. Washing your dog in a bathtub is a huge challenge, and the aftermath is a big mess with a clogged drain full of hair. With an outdoor shower, you can get your pets cleaned up while keeping your bathroom squeaky clean.

Cools You Off on a Hot Day

Just imagine when it is the hottest month of the year. In July or August, can you think of anything more peaceful and refreshing than jumping in a cool outdoor shower at the end of a long and sweaty day? This is one huge selling point for outdoor showers.

Washes Away Chlorine

If you’ve got a backyard pool by your deck, you have likely noticed that heading indoors to wash off isn’t ever pleasant. Either you dry off before and deal with being all sticky, you head right inside to be greeted by freezing air conditioning, or you drag in dirt and water that then has to be cleaned up. With an outdoor shower, you are able to wash off the chlorine without any of those negative side effects. If you intend your shower for this very purpose, you might want to consider installing a privacy screen or fence so that you can have plenty of privacy. If you decide to go for an enclosed outdoor shower, you will need to set aside a bit more space.

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