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The Very Best Composite Deck Maintenance Guide

The Very Best Composite Deck Maintenance Guide

Regular maintenance can do wonders for your home’s deck.

Proper maintenance of your deck is essential for keeping its longevity and beauty. It does not matter the type of deck, the time of year, or the age of your deck; regular maintenance can do wonders for your home’s deck. There is a lot you can do to make sure it is in excellent shape. Read on for some expert tips that will help you save both money and time when maintaining your deck!

Inspect Your Deck

Mildew and mold will cause the wood in your deck to slowly rot outside. However, if you have a composite deck, this isn’t an issue you have to worry about. Keeping your deck clean will help reduce the gunk that eats away at your deck. Try to inspect your deck-mid summer. Pay extra attention to all the spots that are not within six inches of the ground or where water flows. Use a flat-edge screwdriver to test your deck for any rot. The best way to prevent any mildew and mold from building on your composite deck is by using the reliable soap, brush, and water cleaning method.

General Deck Debris

Small twigs, leaves, and other items usually build up on your deck, especially if trees are close by. This general debris doesn’t hurt your floor, but it can be a breeding ground for mold if it starts to get wet. The ideal way for you to avoid this, and to keep your deck looking squeaky clean, is to sweep or blow off all debris as required.

Dirt In-between Floor Grooves

The smaller grooves and spaces between the decking sometimes trap dirt and grime as time passes. If this starts to build up, start with the soap and water cleanup method. If this doesn’t remove the grime stuck in between the boards, then consider using a pressure washer. To protect your decking as you wash it, make sure to use a fan tip.


Depending on the types of plants close to your deck, you might see a thin coating of pollen on your deck during the spring. Thankfully, pollen does not cause any long-term damage, but it should still be removed as quickly as possible. The best way to get rid of pollen from building up on your composite deck is through power washing.

Grease and Oil

Whether you have an outdoor kitchen or grill on your deck, this means some grease could end up on the deck floor. Remove this with soap and water too, and try to do it quickly to avoid permanent staining.

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