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The Best Fence Maintenance Tips for the Spring

The Best Fence Maintenance Tips for the Spring

While you probably have a routine established for most of your home, you probably haven’t put a whole lot of thought into how to clean off your fence.

The time for spring cleaning is now here, both inside and outside your house. While you probably have a routine established for most of your home, you probably haven’t put a whole lot of thought into how to clean off your fence. That is okay, Eastern Shore Porch and Patio is here to help. The type of material your fencing is made out of, as well as the kind of dirt messing it up, determine just how you are going to get it clean again. Read on to learn the best fence maintenance and cleaning tips for this spring.

Why Your Fencing is Dirty

If you are reading this, then no question – your fence has seen better days. There’s blackish, yellowish, or greenish growth on your once pristine and beautiful fence. You do not know what it is or why its there, but you know it does not look good. Vinyl or wood, the most common things to most dirty fences are:

– Mildew

– Mold

– Algae

– Dirt

Mold, algae, and mildew are organic growths that are caused by moisture and accelerated by lots of shade. For both white vinyl fences and wood fences of all variety, this is the most common flavor of buildup that you will see. On one hand, grimy dirt on fences occurs on your front yard fences, courtesy of the road out front. The dirty road dirt is just a cosmetic issue, while the mold can damage the integrity of your fence over time. Either way, you will want to do something about it to fix it. Fence maintenance is essential for this reason.

How to Clean a Vinyl Fence

Cleaning a vinyl fence is more relaxed than cleaning off the tough exterior of a wooden fence. However, the surface still gets dirty and requires maintenance. Using a power washer to blast your vinyl fence will eradicate organic growth and dirt. It is probably the easiest solution if you don’t mind spending a bit of money. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, you can wipe down your fence with some homemade cleaning solution. A well-built vinyl fence can last you decades, so keeping it clean every spring makes it look lovely for that entire duration.

How to Clean an Aluminum Fence

While maintaining vinyl fencing is easy, an aluminum fence is much easier to clean. Aluminum fences are the choice for those homeowners who don’t want to have to deal with consistent fence maintenance. Stylish and distinct, aluminum fences are one of the most durable and low maintenance fencing options available. A simple occasional cleaning with some white vinegar cleaning solution will do the trick.

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