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Some of the Best Outdoor Spaces for This Summer

Some of the Best Outdoor Spaces for This Summer

Which outdoor space is right for your house and purposes, especially when the weather isn’t always ideal?

If you want to spend a lot more time out in your yard while enjoying the summer weather and garden, upgrading to a versatile outdoor space is necessary! But which outdoor space is right for your house and purposes, especially when the weather isn’t always ideal? We’re going to look at three of the most popular choices for these projects: covered patios, decks, and three/four season rooms. Here’s the real differences between them, and what you should know to make the correct decision for your home.


Decks are typically made of wood or composites and provide a natural, beautiful area that can quickly be built in different locations based on where your home is located. Decks are also excellent at creating a space where you have rough landscapes or slopes that make other projects a bit more complicated. Decks can sometimes be somewhat vulnerable. Direct sunlight can wear down a wooden deck, while rain can warp or split its doors. This is why you must be smart with the material and type of wood that you choose for your deck. Vinyl is an excellent choice because it is very weather resistant and requires little maintenance.

Covered Patios

A patio uses natural stones, pavers, or other similar materials to create a leveled outdoor space. They can not be installed in rough areas or slopes like a deck, though. However, they are lovely and a great way to transform a backyard space into a luxurious, private house extension. The materials used to make patios are very durable and make it easy to incorporate fountains, fireplaces, or other features. Patios might take more labor to install or require coverings to protect them.

Three and Four Season Rooms

Now you might be wondering, what is a three-season or four-season room? These are extended outdoor spaces specifically designed to extend your house into a sunroom-like spot connected to your outdoor living area. Both are excellent options to help you alleviate your outdoor allergy issues while keeping bugs at bay. Three season rooms are designed with affordable and straightforward walls with abundant double-pane windows that can easily open up to the outdoor air. They’re easier on installation and budgets. A four-season room is a bit larger and more complete with double or triple-paned windows with more insulation. It is also more likely to be connected to your home’s heating or cooling.

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