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What You Can Do to Protect a Wood Fence From the Cold

Wood Fence

The winter can have some impact on your wood fence so it’s good to prepare ahead of time.

Wood fences are known for their beauty, structure, and timeless appeal. However, wood is also a vulnerable material that needs some maintenance and protection from the elements to ensure that it will remain beautiful and structurally sound over the years. Each season comes with its own damaging elements, including the winter. Here’s what you can do to protect a wood fence from the cold.

Start With Your Trees

The first step to protecting your wood fence from the cold is to make sure that you keep up with the maintenance of any trees on your property. When the temperatures drop, all the water collected on the limbs will freeze, making the tree limbs more vulnerable to the weight. They can also become brittle from the moisture and eventually break off only to land on your fence. Protect your fence from this scenario by ensuring that your trees are prepared for the winter.

Stain Your Fence

There are several reasons why you should stain your wood fence. The first is that you can choose the perfect tone and aesthetic for your fence and the second is that the stain helps protect the wood. When you cover your fence with a stain you are keeping it from being exposed to excess moisture, low temperatures, and intense sunlight. An oil-based stain will help ensure that your fence won’t deteriorate from mildew, mold, or rot. In addition to the stain, use a wood gap filler to fill in any holes that could make your fence vulnerable to the moisture, pests, or other animals.

Make Repairs

Now that we are weeks away from winter, there is still time to get your fence prepared for the weather with a thorough check up. Check the posts, hinges, rails, and pickets for any current signs of damage. If there are, be sure to make any necessary repairs or replacements that you find, including missing bolts or screws, or latches. This will give your fence the fullness of its structural intensity to help it withstand the elemental pressures of winter.

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