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Why Cleaning Vinyl Fencing is So Easy

Vinyl Fencing

Take the time to get your vinyl fencing sparkling clean before the weather gets too cold!

Before the weather gets too cold, most people get those last-minute seasonal chores done. Things like cleaning your car, mowing your lawn, or yes, giving your fence a quick wash. It’s not a chore we all enjoy doing, but with vinyl fencing, you don’t have much to worry about—it’s a durable, easy to clean material that requires very little work. With that said, now is the perfect time to take a chunk out of your day and get your vinyl fencing looking nice and clean again.

The Rundown

Part of why so many homeowners and businesses opt for vinyl fencing is because of the qualities of the material itself—it’s simple and low maintenance, making it easy for just about everyone. Nonetheless, it’s good to take the time to clean your vinyl fence and make it look just as good as the day it was installed. The good news is, that’s actually pretty easy to do.

So what exactly do you need? First, you want to look for a scrub brush with nylon bristles that can do enough rough scrubbing to really get all the dirt off your fence. You also want a vinyl-safe soap, of which there are many, and a large bucket to hold your soapy water and sponge. There are many products out there specifically for vinyl fence cleaning that will do a spectacular job, but if you don’t have one on hand, you can always use a mix of 1/3rd cup of dish soap, 2/3rds cup of trisodium phosphate cleaner, and a gallon of warm water. Once you have that mixed together, it’s time to get to cleaning.

How to Clean Your Fence

Let’s break down the steps.

  • Get your cleaning solution mixed, unless you’re using a pre-mixed product.
  • Using a hose, wet a portion of your fence.
  • Dip your scrub brush in your bucket to get it covered in the cleaner. Wipe down the fence as best you can and make sure to put in some work for those especially dirty areas.
  • Use your hose to spray off the areas you just scrubbed down. Is there still dirt? Try rescrubbing or using the jet setting on your hose to get it off.
  • Repeat those steps all along your vinyl fence until it’s cleaned!

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