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Why You Should Consider a Sunroom Installation this Summer

Why You Should Consider a Sunroom Installation this Summer

A sunroom installation can completely change the atmosphere for your house.

Picture yourself on a bright, sunny morning. You’re sitting and enjoying the view. The summer sun is shining, and nature is unfolding right before your eyes. You sip on your hot beverage and go back to reading. But wait, something is missing. There is no wind, no flies buzzing around, and you are warm and relaxed. That is because you are sitting in your new sunroom and you know it’s the best investment you have made in your home. A sunroom installation can completely change the atmosphere for your house, but what exactly goes into the installation process? Read on to learn about sunrooms, the different kinds, and why you should invest in a sunroom installation this summer.

What is a Sunroom?

Sunrooms are structures surrounded by glass with screened openings that can be closed or opened, depending on your choice. They are often referred to as patio rooms, solariums, outdoor enclosures, or season rooms. Since sunrooms are typically made out of glass, they’re great for letting in natural light. A sunroom is an extraordinary place in your house. It is where you bring the outdoors inside yet control your environment by buffering you from the harsh elements of nature. There are many different materials available for a sunroom installation now too. They are created with lightweight and high-tech products like:

– Aluminum

– Vinyl 

– Roof panels

– Insulated, thermally-broken glass

There are many different kinds of sunrooms, as well. These are three-season sunrooms and four-season sunrooms.

Three-Season Sunrooms

Three-season sunrooms are specially designed and built to be occupied during the summer, spring, and fall. They typically use less expensive and lightweight materials that work to let light inside and keep out rain and wind. Three-season sunrooms are also designed to provide shade from the direct sun and offer some cooling during warm summer days. Sunrooms built for three-season use are generally not insulated or provided with an auxiliary heat source. They might have some fans to circulate air and provide a bit of relief from warmer temperatures. In Maryland, three-season sunrooms are used more commonly, so consider one for your sunroom installation.

Four-Season Sunrooms

Just as the name suggests, these sunrooms are enjoyed year-round. Imagine setting up your Christmas tree and opening up gifts in your sunroom. There are no monthly barriers with your four-season sunrooms, and that is because they’re built to take nature’s full force all year long. The main difference between the three and four-season rooms is their thermal resistance or insulation capacity. These are tougher, heavy-duty additions that incorporate double pane glass that might have unique treatments like argon filling or low-emissivity coatings.

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