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When You Should Consider Using a Semi-Private Fence

semi-private fence vinyl style

A semi-private fence is perfect for a property border, privacy, and wind protection.

A semi-private fence looks the very same from both sides. It is made up of two lines of fence running in parallel to each other, with the slats attached to the very same posts and rails. You can buy the fence in many panels and assemble the project yourself (or with the help of a fencing contractor). A semi-private fence gives you many advantages—such as better wind protection, better security, and an improved look from both sides. But why else should you consider one? Read on to learn more about the many benefits of a semi-private fence. 

A Border with Your Neighbor

If you need to put up a fence between you and your friendly neighbor, suggest a semi-private fence. The fence looks excellent from both sides, gives the neighbors privacy, and adds a touch of security for both yards. If the two neighbors can agree that their fence looks great, both homes will come out well from the deal.

For Bordering off a Spot of Your Yard

If you have an oil tank in your yard and are sick of looking at it each time you open up the blinds, then a semi-privacy fence might be the answer. It can be an easy job to fence off the tank, and the two alternating layers of the fence will hide the tank completely. You could also do the same for any other place in your yard you’d like to keep out of view.

For More Privacy

If you have neighbors who take a little bit too much interest in your business, then a semi-private fence will solve your issue. Putting one around the patio or pool area can protect your privacy and give you and your family the relaxing space you deserve when in the yard. If your house is on a busy street, then a semi-privacy fence can keep out any prying eyes and give you a little bit more freedom when around your house. With privacy comes security, and the fewer people see the yard, the less interest they might take in your property.

Around the Eating Area

Do you wish to eat outside during the hot summer months but find that the wind is a bit too much? Then the semi-private fence can keep the wind at bay and let you grill in peace. It can give you extra privacy by stopping others from looking at the family when you wish to be left alone.

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