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Factors that Affect a Sunroom Installation

Factors that Affect a Sunroom Installation

The amount of time it’ll take for a sunroom installation depends on many different factors.

The amount of time that it takes to install a new sunroom for your home is usually pretty quick – with completion times ranging broadly – but many factors determine how long you will have to wait before being able to relax. During a sunroom installation project, the timespan involves setting the foundation, framing and assembling structures, securing the roofing, installing windows and doors, and adding updated features like heating or electricity. However, not all sunrooms are designed and installed in the same way. The amount of time it’ll take for a sunroom installation depends on many different factors. Read on to learn more!

Company Availability

Due to the timeframe, a lot of homeowners want to use their sunrooms, between the spring and early fall, most sunroom installation companies have scarce availability during these peak times. To make sure your sunroom is completed when you expect, try to schedule your installation in the late fall or winter when companies have more availability to start your project sooner rather than later.

Site Preparation

Before you start constriction, the installation crew must check that the foundation is sturdy and, if required, take the necessary steps to solidify the entire area. This step usually takes only one or two days and includes the excavation of the site. Then more time will be required to tear out the existing site and create a new one.

Deck Building

Most new sunrooms are created on a deck structure, and building the deck takes about three or four days typically. However, if you are placing your sunroom on a concrete slab, the installation team will skip it.

Constructing the Walls and Roofs

On average, putting together all of the walls and roof of your brand new sunroom will take around four to six days. The sunroom installation will start by placing flooring down and then adding tie-ins to connect the structure to your house’s side. The frame of your sunroom will then be put together, and the roof will be placed over the top of the walls. Finally, the window panels and doors will be installed into the frame of your sunroom. Construction will probably take a few extra days for custom-built sunrooms, depending on how complex the design is.

The Finishing Touches

With the structure of your new sunroom now assembled, the installation crew can start adding those extra features that you opted for, like electricity or a functional cooling and heating system. Completing these finishing touches of your sunroom installation might take an additional two days. Still, the added comfort of having consistent temperatures, LED lighting, ceilings fans, or a television hooked up will be well worth the wait.

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