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Is Fall the Ideal Time to Install a Brand New Deck?

New Deck

It may not seem like it, but fall is actually one of the best times to install a new deck for your home.

Now that the weather is slowly chugging down to cooler nights and days, many of us are hesitant to think about any kinds of outdoor renovations. After all, aren’t those things better left to the spring or summer when it’s still nice out? Sometimes there is some truth to this line of thought, but other times, it doesn’t always apply. In one case, many don’t realize that fall is actually a great time for decking installation. If you’re thinking about adding a new deck to your home, consider doing so this fall instead of waiting until next spring or summer.

Get Your Pick of Contractors

Off-season contracting can have some big benefits, including that you’re not going to have to worry about butting heads with other homeowners too much. During the fall or spring, you may be left with long wait times from the best contractors out there, as more people are vying for their time. Fall is a bit slower for most contractors, though, so it’s more likely that you’ll find the ideal contractor for you.

Worry Less About Landscaping

During other seasons, you may have a robust, lively yard. It may be adorned with a garden, various trees and bushes, and all kinds of plants that are sensitive to disruption. Building around those landscaping elements can be difficult if you don’t want to impact the overall aesthetic of your yard. Choosing to build your new deck in an off-season, when all of those plants are dormant and aren’t something contractors need to tip-toe around, can help preserve your landscape.

Get More Use in Warmer Seasons

Why install a new deck in the summer, which leaves you unable to use it until it’s actually finished? Instead, installing your new deck during the fall leaves you prepared once spring and summer roll around. Instead of spending the nicer weather worrying about building, use that time to enjoy your deck and spend your time outdoors.

Predictable Weather is a Benefit

Compared to spring or summer, fall is a fairly predictable season. There are fewer thunderstorms and swings in temperatures, and overall, things tend to be a bit easier to work around. You’re going to worry less about weather-related pushbacks to your completion time because of this, so consider getting your new deck installed this fall.

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

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