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Four Lighting Options To Consider For Your Pergola

Lighting your pergola can, without question, be difficult. You can go the traditional route of adding lights to posts, rafters, or something more elegant like a chandelier. Still, whatever you choose will undoubtedly make the space more usable and create a better atmosphere. Consider some of these creative ideas for keeping your pergola well-lit during winter.

Eastern Shore Porch And Patio Pergola Lighting

Implement these lighting ideas for your pergola.

The Do-It-Yourself Route

We recommend going the DIY route if you’re looking for a fun and challenging task. However, we only recommend this option if you have the required expertise. You should have an extra set of hands for support, regardless of your skill level.

String Lighting For Your Pergola

String lights are about as simple as it gets in terms of installation. They are available in various colors, sizes, and bulb types, allowing you to personalize your lighting to match your style.

A Fire Pit

A fire pit or fireplace adds light and warmth, making your pergola more usable throughout the year. They are quicker and easier than the other options, but the added benefit makes them a viable option, especially on winter nights.

Jar Lighting For  Your Area

This can be another DIY option as you can quickly just grab some mason jars and fill them with battery-operated string lights. Simply scatter them around the corners of your pergola or on a table for simple, elegant lighting. The important part about this is that there are so many different sizes and colors of jars and lights available that you can change it up from time to time for a minimal additional cost.

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