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Why Should You Install Vinyl Clad Windows?

Vinyl Clad Windows

Make sure you’re aware of all the big benefits of vinyl clad windows.

When you install new windows for your home, there are plenty of options out there. The framing, also known as cladding, is what gives your window its appearance and there are many options regarding cladding out there. One material that is often used for cladding windows is vinyl, which is known for its durability and aesthetics. We’ve got a few reasons as to why you should consider installing vinyl clad windows so read on to find out just what they are. 

A Durable Material

Using vinyl clad windows grants you the strength and durability of vinyl, which is well-known as a building material. You’ve likely seen vinyl in more visible places like fences or decks. This is because vinyl is easy to maintain and requires very little work. In fact, you don’t need to stain and paint vinyl like you might need to do with other materials. With wooden windows, you run the risk of swelling, peeling, warping, or fading, all of which can cause serious issues with your windows. Vinyl clad windows can last for decades provided you do basic maintenance and keep them clean.

Being Energy Efficient

Compared to other materials such as wood and aluminum, vinyl can provide plenty of thermal protection. This keeps cold air out during the winter or hot air out during the summer, letting your HVAC system do its work. If energy efficiency is really a concern, you can pair vinyl clad windows with the right kind of glass to help use energy as much as you want to be. Vinyl is a recyclable material as well and will end up finding a second life once it serves its purpose.

A Number of Applications

There are tons of style and color options out there when choosing vinyl clad windows. You can find the look that matches your home and customize your windows to your specific needs and aesthetic. In fact, the possibilities are just about endless with all the sizes, shapes, and colors out there. Homes and commercial buildings alike end up using vinyl clad windows just for this reason. 

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