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How Long Will a Pergola Last on My Property?

How Long Will a Pergola Last on My Property?

A new pergola is a great way to spice up your outdoor look but also acts as a great feature for entertaining outside.

In terms of outdoor accessories, there’s no denying that pergolas are on the rise. A new pergola is a great way to spice up your outdoor look but also acts as a great feature for entertaining outside. However, a pergola is also a large investment to make, leaving many homeowners wondering just how long they can expect one to last. Of course, this depends on the material used in the construction and how well you maintain the structure. We have answers on how long you can expect a pergola to last once installed on your property.

Metal Pergolas

It may come as a surprise but most metal pergolas you’ll find on the market are actually the ones that won’t last for years to come. They’re often inexpensive options you’ll see at hardware chains or other big box stores that may be appealing, but they don’t last due to poor build quality and the kinds of metal used. Often these cheaper metals are going to rust and get destroyed by the elements. All of this is why you can only truly expect metal pergolas to last around five years, potentially even less if the build quality is lacking.

Pressure-Treated Wood

A beautiful wooden pergola is going to offer your outdoor space some rustic charm. As with any outdoor wood structure though, you’re going to have to do a bit of maintenance and help keep them intact. Wood is vulnerable to rot and mold and requires staining every year to help form a protective layer (and keep it looking beautiful). Provided you do the correct maintenance, however, a pressure-treated wood pergola can be a fantastic option for many homeowners and will give you up to 12 years of solid performance before you start to see any structural issues.

Tough Vinyl

For the most durable building material and longest-lasting pergola experience, you may want to consider vinyl. Vinyl doesn’t rot or rust and is a practical, affordable option for many homeowners. It’s especially great if you’re concerned with the elements, as it won’t take any damage or require any maintenance. It’s as simple as occasionally hosing it off or wiping it down to keep it clean. A vinyl pergola is built to last, and provided you get one from a quality builder, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

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