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Picking the Right Material for Your Privacy Fencing

Picking the Right Material for Your Privacy Fencing

There are a few different materials from which to pick for your privacy fencing.

If you are a homeowner and have been considering adding privacy fencing for the outside of your house, there are various things to take into consideration. Just as there are various reasons to install privacy fencing – safety, protection, security, and privacy just being a couple of them – there are a few different materials from which to pick for your privacy fencing. And just as there are a couple of other options to pick from when deciding on what your fence will be crafted from, each option comes with its very own set of cons and pros. Whether it is cost, durability, or any other factor you are considering, it is crucial to remember which factors are the most important to you to adequately compare them to one another. Read on for a couple of the most popular material options available when installing some new privacy fencing this summer!

Wooden Fencing

By far, the most common kind of material used for privacy fences is wood. Due mostly to its overall low cost and ease of installation, wood is a traditional favorite for many homeowners. Two of the most well-known types of wood used within fences are cedar and pine – both of which are easily available and relatively cheap. From a design standpoint, wood fences are quite versatile. Not only are they available in many different types of styles and shapes like privacy, picket, semi-privacy, lattice, scalloped, and many more, but they are able to be painted to match up with your home or property’s surroundings. This brings us to one of the significant drawbacks of wooden fencing – the upkeep and maintenance. Since it is always subject to the outdoors, wooden fencing requires treatment with stains or other types of sealants or coatings to keep them looking good and keep them structurally sound.

Vinyl Fencing

Having come a very long way technologically in the last couple of decades, vinyl fencing is a valid premium option for a privacy fence. Firstly, in contrast to the upkeep and maintenance that a wooden fence requires, vinyl fencing requires next to no maintenance. Since it is created with a synthetic material, it is made to withstand outdoor elements and is made with various colors and styles to match the décor of the outdoors. When you couple its durability with its versatility and design, it is easy to see why vinyl typically costs a bit more than its wooden counterparts, but not by a lot. We at Eastern Shore Porch and Patio specialize in this type of fencing.

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