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When to Replace Your Home’s Fencing

When to Replace Your Home's Fencing

Your fencing lifespan is determined largely by material, craftsmanship, weathering, and maintenance.

The fencing around your home and property is an important part of your curb appeal and security. Nothing lasts forever, however, and that includes fencing. Your fencing lifespan is determined largely by material, craftsmanship, weathering, and maintenance, but eventually, you’re going to have to repair or replace any fence. Here are a few clues that it is time to replace your home’s fencing this season.

You’ve Had A Hurricane

Depending on the conditions and severity of the hurricane, your fence may need to be replaced. If your area experienced flooding and your fence, or part of it, was submerged in water, there’s a good possibility that you’ll have rot before long. Heavy, sustained winds and being battered by debris in this type of storm can also do structural damage, even if it doesn’t knock your fence down. At the very least, a hurricane means that you need to do a thorough safety check of your fence, and possibly have a professional fencing contractor come out to check it for safety. 

Your Fence Is A Safety Hazard

If you have any broken wood, splintering areas, or exposed nails or screws, your fence is a safety hazard. Even if your fence doesn’t have exposed hardware, but all of the metal hardware is rusted, that could pose a safety hazard. Aside from the concern you have for your family and visitors, an unsafe fence could also be an issue for your homeowner’s insurance. It is better to replace it than to let it continue to be a hazard.

The Appearance Has Changed

Physical changes in the appearance of your fence are another red flag that you need to replace your fencing. If the color of your fence has changed substantially, beyond simple sun fading, it could be a sign of serious internal damage, such as rot. If the boards are bent, bowed, or warped, this is also a sign that the fence needs to be replaced. Even if warped areas haven’t broken completely, the pressure of the warping wood is going to pull out nails and put a structural strain on the rest of the fence. 

You Can See Through Your Fence

Obviously, if your fence is the type you could always see through, like chain link or wrought iron, this doesn’t apply to you. However, if your fence was a visual barrier and there are now holes, gaps, or missing panels, that is a sign that your fencing needs to be replaced. Even if the displeasing aesthetics of your broken fence aren’t bothering you, your privacy fence is no longer doing its job if it has holes.

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