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Split Rail Fencing 101

Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing is traditional and all about utility. We’ve got the basic rundown.

As far as rugged utility fences go, a basic split rail fence is one of the most common you’ll see. Split rail fencing is ideal for serving a basic purpose and is known for marking lines of property or keeping larger animals in and out of a property. Essentially, split rail fencing is a fence that has wooden posts with two or three rails spanning between—an incredibly basic design that is no frills and straight to the point.  While split rail fencing may be simple, it’s certainly nothing to scoff at in terms of what it can do. Let’s take a look at everything you ought to know about split rail fencing before you invest yourself.

What Styles Are There?

A standard split rail fencing is just as described—a post with flat rails in between. Depending on the height of the fence, a contractor may use two or three rails. This simple style doesn’t have the flare that other fences do and as a result, many times the posts are uncapped, instead opting for already rounded rails. Crossbuck is an updated, more modern style that has an X shape in between crossed rails. Stacked fences, using cedar or other rustic logs, are an even more traditional approach to this kind of fencing. 

What Materials Are Used?

For a traditional split rail fencing, you’re likely to see wood being used. This could mean cedar, pine, or oak posts and rails. Some choose to have the wood stained to show off that natural grain or you can paint your fence however you’d like. Because split rail fences are often about utility, many lean into the rustic look and pick rough-hewn boards or logs with bark still on them. Staining helps protect against rot and insect infestation but having a natural, weathered-look is often important. On the other hand, if you want something more updated, vinyl fencing is an option as well and requires less maintenance than wood does.

Why Split Rail Fences?

If you own property, split rail fencing is typically used for similar reasons as chain link or picket fences. It helps mark the lines of your property and can keep larger animals in or out of a property, which is why it’s common for livestock or corralling horses. Compared to other options, they’re not great for security or privacy, though they are an attractive addition to just about any property.

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