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This Summer, Improve Your Deck with Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your deck with lighting options from Eastern Shore Porch & Patio!

Illuminate your deck with lighting options from Eastern Shore Porch & Patio!

A deck is the perfect addition to any home, providing a relaxing space for every season of the year. Whether you have recently added a deck (or you are considering it), or you’re simply looking for ways to update your existing one, deck lighting is the perfect way to improve this great outdoor living space.

Increase Deck Safety

There are many reasons why a well-lit deck is safer than a dark deck. First, you or your guests could easily trip over your deck furniture or wander into your outdoor shower, if you can’t see what is front of you because it is dark. Perhaps you have street lights that illuminate your yard, but they could burn out and they really can’t provide the direct light that deck lighting can. Second, a well-lit deck can help to deter crime like vandalism or burglary. Criminals are less likely to break into a house where they can clearly be seen at the doors or windows. We consider safety whenever we lock our doors or fence in our yard, and adding deck lighting is just another way to do that.

Create Ambiance 

The right lighting can set the mood, no matter the occasion, and you have many varieties of lighting options to choose from to illuminate your deck. You could opt for a series of post-top lights to illuminate the whole deck for a large party, or more subtle lamps to create a romantic atmosphere. You could even have both, with separate controls, so you can switch between them as your entertaining needs change throughout the year. Other lighting options include decorative string lights to outfit your deck for any occasion, and track lighting to highlight drop-offs and steps.

Improve Functionality

Good deck lighting can also increase the functionality of your deck. Do you plan to host a lot of parties, and if so will they all end at sundown? Chances are, probably not. So if you don’t want your guests squinting at each other and bumping into each other in the dark, deck lighting is the way to go. Alternatively, if you spend most of your time on the deck reading, good deck lighting can let you read long into the night without straining your eyes. This will be especially important as the days get shorter. There’s nothing stopping you from bundling up on those fall evenings and enjoying the crisp air as you read, except the lack of light. Good deck lighting means you can use your deck for more things, use it later into the evening, and use it during every season of the year.

Eastern Shore Porch & Patio

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