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The Winter Season Is A Good Time For A Deck Installation

deck installationMany homeowners believe that the best time to build a deck is during spring, but the truth is that winter is a better season for this kind of project. It may seem counterintuitive, but there are several reasons why building a deck during winter is a wise decision. Keep reading to discover why constructing a deck this winter is excellent.

Less Damage To Your Landscape 

The ground tends to melt during springtime, leading to a higher environmental moisture level. This may cause instability due to water saturation. If you plan to install a deck, it may leave a mark on your lawn. However, contractors can largely avoid damage to your home during winter, as the ground is more stable. Knowing these factors is essential when planning outdoor construction projects.

Additional Time To Obtain Permits For Your Deck

Depending on your neighborhood’s location, getting the necessary permits for your deck might take some time. Your local government regulates these specific ordinances. Starting early will give you more time to obtain the required licenses and prevent any delays that may prevent you from enjoying your deck in the spring.

Winter Is A Great Time For Staining

It is commonly believed that building projects are quicker in the spring, but in reality, they can take longer. This is mainly due to the more humid weather conditions in the spring and summer seasons. The humidity in the air can cause wood to absorb moisture and thus result in peeling and cracking when stained. Direct sunlight can also leave watermarks on the wood. To avoid these issues, it is recommended to use composite decking. With a composite deck, there is no need for routine staining and cleaning, making it a more convenient and hassle-free option.

More Time Spent On Your Deck 

Once winter passes, you can begin utilizing your deck. It is important to note that constructing your deck during winter is advantageous because you will have a more comprehensive selection of contractors. Since there is less work for contractors during the winter months, they tend to be more available.

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