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Here Are Three Outdoor Trends To Implement This Fall

Fall is finally here, and the weather is changing from oppressive heat to that beautiful season of warm sunny days and crisp nights. This is, bar none, the best time of year for outdoor living and outdoor trends. Spending time outdoors in the summer and spring is nice; winter sports are great, but outdoor living in fall is the absolute best. If you’re looking forward to fall outdoor living as much as we are, read on three significant trends that you should jump on this year.

Eastern Shore Porch Patio Outdoor Trends

Follow these outdoor living trends.

Bringing Indoor Comfort Outdoors

One of the season’s biggest trends is bringing the comforts of your indoor living areas into your outdoor living areas so that you have the best of both worlds. This will be easiest in those situations where you have an outdoor living space covered and protected from the elements, like a screened porch or a sunroom. If your current outdoor living area doesn’t include a roof, you should consider adding one (steel pergolas are very popular). If you can also add walls that could close the space in, you will extend the season of use even longer. Finally, consider what living activities you might want to do in those outdoor areas. For instance, if you do a lot of outdoor cooking, you should consider upgrading your tools beyond the standard grill.

Beautiful But Also Sustainable

Sustainability is the name of the game this season and likely most seasons moving forward. We have to take care of our environment if we want to be able to keep enjoying it. This means that many goods and services related to the outdoors, from furniture to weeding and mosquito services, should offer green options to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. There are even options for choosing sustainable products when you are renovating your outdoor areas – there are materials that are better for the world long-term than others.

Pet-Friendly Materials

Finally, pet-friendly materials are the third trend to keep an eye on this year. This may seem weird, but pet ownership increased dramatically during the pandemic, and people have committed to changing their lifestyles to fit their pets. Steel and aluminum materials, from fences to railings, are a good choice for dogs since they are sturdy and robust but don’t obscure sight lines (dogs like to be able to see what is going on). Choose composite materials that stand up to pet claws without scratching for decking.

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