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Our Top Tips for Maintaining a Composite Deck

Composite Deck

Keeping your composite deck pristine requires a bit of simple maintenance.

Now that we’ve entered fall, you’re going to want to start thinking about how you can maintain your composite deck. Summer doesn’t offer too many challenges, but fall, as lovely as it is, is going to bring about plenty of debris from trees that can lead to your deck getting dirty and needing a bit of TLC. Maintaining your beautiful composite deck addition isn’t all that difficult, but there are a few tasks you need to be aware of. Read on to find out what we recommend for cleaning and caring for your new composite deck.

Basic Cleaning

In the fall, you’re going to notice leaves and tree limbs starting to accumulate on your composite deck. Take the time to get rid of any debris quickly and, once you do, use a soft bristle brush to get rid of any stains or other marks. Use a combination of soap and warm water to scrub the area. To minimize any soap stains, use a criss-cross motion to get everything clean and pristine.

Preventative Care

If you end up hosting on your deck, make sure you clean up immediately. Any party-related messes like food, beverages, or even grease can end up leaving long-lasting stains that you aren’t going to want to deal with down the line. They’re easy to get rid of if you do it in the moment. Spraying down your deck with a hose and some soap can get everything clean again. If you need to do any scrubbing, use a brush or even a microfiber towel.

Battling Mildew

Be sure you’re getting rid of dirt before it builds up, otherwise you run the risk of mold developing. Mold can be a problem especially if you let dirt and water accumulate on your composite deck, so you want to spray it down with a hose and, if that water pools, wipe it away with a brush. Getting rid of excessive moisture is the best way to prevent mold.

Trying to Pressure Wash

Thinking about pressure washing your deck? First, you’re going to want to do your research. Improper pressure washing can ultimately cause more harm than good, so do your research! Rinse your deck after spraying each individual deck board, which prevents dirty water from drying on the surface. Keep the tip of your pressure washer at least eight inches from the surface, elsewise you may cause damage.

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