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The Ultimate Guide to Picket Fencing for your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Picket Fencing for your Home

Picket fencing offers plenty of curb appeal, especially when matched up with the proper landscape.

White picket fences are some of the most iconic fences out there. When you spot a white picket fence, you get a warm, cozy, and welcoming feeling. Picket fencing offers plenty of curb appeal, especially when matched up with the proper landscape. Although such a fence creates little in the sense of privacy, it can be used to outline spaces and keep your kids or pets inside your yard. Here is a breakdown of picket fences, and why they are such a solid choice for installing outside of your home this spring.

History of Picket Fencing

The picket fence dates all the way back to colonial times when family houses had dooryard gardens. These gardens typically featured household necessities like vegetable gardens and medicinal plants. Naturally, families needed a fence to keep in their livestock and other animals, as well as their children. Picket fencing started simple. White was the natural color because colonists would usually white whitewash the fences with a mix of water and lime to preserve the wood. Homesteaders began using peaked pickets to keep chickens from roosting on them too. Eventually, picket fencing became more elaborate. Certain homeowners painted their fences natural colors to blend in with the background.

Materials for Picket Fencing

The classic material for a picket fence is wood. Pickets often come prefabricated, so you only have to pick the style. However, the wood does require some maintenance, so it is possible to ask for picket fencing made out of hardwoods like redwood or cedar, which are more resistant to rot. You could also pick pressure-treated wood for the same reason. If you want a picket fence but don’t want the maintenance that comes with it, you could consider vinyl fencing.

Styles of Picket Fencing

The usual style of picket fencing consists of posts threaded together with rails. The pickets are either pointed or rounded. A more elaborate style is the Windsor point, which typically features a “bead” just underneath the point. Victorian pickets are even more intricate, mimicking stairway balusters. It is also possible to change up the style of the post caps—one other way to customize picket fencing with color. Just as the colonials eventually painted the pickets to blend in with the landscape, you could pick natural brown or green. There are plenty of styling options with a picket fence, try to find what works for you and your landscape.

Adding a Picket Fence to Your House

Because of the variety of styles, a picket fence can complement any home. The primary use of such a fence is to distinguish between private and public space in the front yard. It is also excellent for keeping children and pets inside. Picket fencing can also add significant curb appeal to your home.

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