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What Size Should Your Deck Be?

What Size Should Your Deck Be? eastern shore porch and patio

Read on for an overview of what size your deck should be.

Adding a deck to your backyard is the ideal way to increase your usable outdoor space. Your future deck could become an outdoor kitchen and eating location, a space for entertaining, or just a place to relax. Planning to use your new outdoor living space is just one of the considerations when choosing the deck size you need. Read on for an overview of the factors that should go into deciding how large to make your new deck.

Consider the Deck’s Purpose

The most significant factor in deciding deck size is how you want to use it. If you’re adding a deck, you must have a reason. If you want a space to sit on in a few chairs, your space needs will be very different than if you wish for a fully-decked-out outdoor kitchen with seating for 10.

Generally, the things you plan to put on the deck should influence how much space you need: measure your lounge chairs if you want a deck for lounging (and add a bit more room to maneuver around them comfortably). Measure your table and chairs if the deck is intended for dining (and again, add space for getting around them).

If the deck is an outdoor kitchen, measure your grill or outdoor cooking fixtures (and space to move about). If you’re adding a grill, the type of grill will influence how much space you need. In addition to affecting size, using the deck will also influence decking material choice.

Check Local Building Codes

Don’t forget to check the building codes for your area (and the HOA rules if an HOA covers your home). There may be regulations about permitting, where it can be and safety considerations (like how high off the ground, railings, and other factors), and who can legally construct it, among other issues. Before diving into the process, check out all those factors and plan for them.

A New Deck Should Complement Your Home

Finally, remember that your deck should not overwhelm the rest of your home either. Most people would recognize that it should not be larger than the house’s footprint, but most professionals say it shouldn’t be any bigger than 20%. 

No home is complete without a deck to enjoy gorgeous spring mornings and brisk fall nights with friends and family on. Eastern Shore Porch & Patio is the preferred wood and composite deck installation company of Delmarva thanks to our commitment to customer service, competitive pricing, and quality products. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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