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How to Winterize Your Home’s Deck

How to Winterize Your Home's Deck

Now that the winter and the new year are here, many homeowners are looking for some methods to protect their homes against the season’s brutal effects.

Now that the winter and the new year are here, many homeowners are looking for some methods to protect their homes against the season’s brutal effects. Some look to improving insulation in their attics, while a few apply caulking and weather-stripping towards their doors and windows to prevent air leaks and drafts. Unfortunately, a few homeowners are so focused on preserving their indoors that they forget to preserve what is outside their property, too – especially decks. They have to be winterized to prevent any damage from the cold. Read on to learn more!

Have Your Deck Inspected

When you are trying to protect your home’s deck from the harmful effects of the winter, one of the things you should try doing is having it inspected by a professional. Have an expert check your deck for any loose screws, damaged composite boards, or loose handrails and make the required repairs and adjustments if required. This way, nobody on it will sustain and accidental injuries while they’re on it. Eastern Shore Porch and Patio can help you with this, as well as offer some potential replacements if you need them.

Clean Your Deck

After you have had your deck inspected and repaired, it is time to clean it up. Sweep away all and any debris that has built up, and then wash off your deck with a bleach-free cleaner or mixture of soap and water with a brush for scrubbing. Once you have done that, consider rinsing off your decking with a power wash to remove soap as well as any heavy stains that might have settled in.

Trim Your Tree Branches

Branches and leaves from your trees in your yard are among the most common culprits of a damaged or dirty deck during the winter. This is because this type of debris could retain moisture, which in turn could cause more issues for your deck. With that in mind, decking building professionals highly recommend that, when caring for your deck during the winter, try having your branches trimmed to prevent them from making a mess of your decking during the winter.

Apply Protection

Once your deck is fully dried out, it is time to add protection. To do this, just add a water repellent finish to your deck to protect it against the water damage that is typically seen during the winter season. Alternatively, you could also stain it to avoid any more issues.

Store Away Furniture

If you’ve got any outdoor furniture on your deck, consider putting it away in your garage or basement. This way, you can prevent them from causing any issues for the deck or adding any damage from the harsh winter weather.

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

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