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3 Big Reasons to Invest in Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

Are you lacking pool fencing around your swimming pool? There may be serious benefits you’re missing out on.

Some pool owners are hesitant to invest in pool fencing. This may be because they think they can skirt the costs and still be safe enough, or that they’re afraid a fence may ruin their landscaping efforts, or whatever the reason may be—but there are actually huge benefits to taking advantage of pool fencing. Concerns about aesthetics or cost are often outweighed by the prospect of keeping everyone safe around your pool. Below are three of the biggest, most compelling reasons to invest in pool fencing around your home’s beautiful pool this summer.

1. Child Safety

Unfortunately, the statistics show rather grim impacts on children unintentionally drowning in pools. The fact is, kids often don’t know how to swim or aren’t confident in their swimming, so they may panic once they hit the water.  That’s why if you have children or your own or just have relatives who bring over their kids from time to time, you want to keep everyone safe. Your pool fencing can offer that much-needed secondary layer of protection to keep kids away from the pool when there’s no one there to keep watch over them.                                

2. Pet Safety

While dogs and cats may jump into their instincts and swim when necessary, that doesn’t mean they’re going to have the easiest time getting out of your pool. Most pets need to have their heads tilted back to keep water out of their nose, which makes it difficult for them to determine where your stairs are. In some cases, this results in a pet exhausting themselves and not being able to swim any longer. If you’re a pet owner or if there are stray cats in your neighborhood, or you just want to keep any other animals like raccoons or squirrels safe, pool fencing can be a big help.

3. A General Safety Measure

Pets and children may be the most vulnerable when it comes to pool safety, but the fact is, anyone is susceptible to slipping on the deck of a pool and falling in. Even an adult swimmer with plenty of experience could end up seriously hurting themselves if no one is around. This becomes an even greater concern when alcohol use is introduced, where someone may be more reckless around your pool than typical.

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