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The 3 Elements of the Vinyl Fence Fabrication Process

Vinyl Fence Fabrication

Vinyl fence fabrication is all about bringing together a few essential pieces to make something functional yet beautiful.

Vinyl fabrication is a general process wherein building products are created that strike the fine line between durability, aesthetics, and functionality, and it’s likely you’ve used vinyl products in some project around your home at least once. From patio covers, gazebos, gates, to the topic of our article today, fences, vinyl is used in a number of applications. Typically, vinyl fence fabrication is done with a CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine that can form the vinyl into usable shapes. Today, we want to take a look at three of those parts that are essential to vinyl fence fabrication.

1. Posts

Posts are the core vertical support structure for your fencing. These are usually the first parts to be installed and are sometimes set in concrete footings, though depending on the installation scenario or how the posts are engineered, may be attached via other methods. Think of posts as the spine of the vinyl fence fabrication—without the posts, you don’t have the “skeleton” of the fence, meaning you can’t add on all of those other elements.

2. Rails

Next up, we have rails, which offer horizontal support to the whole fence structure. These span between posts and this is where your fence really begins to look like a fence. In fact, some very basic fences are made up of just rails and posts, though those are usually only suitable for keeping cattle in place or other such simple uses. If we want to build a fence that offers security, privacy, and real durability, we need one more element within the vinyl fence fabrication process.

3. Pickets and Planks

Finally, we get to pickets and planks. These are the fence parts laid across the skeleton that’s made up of the rails and posts and is what makes a fence really look and feel like a fence. If you’re interested in having a more secure home, a more private commercial property, or just in having the beautiful aesthetic of a fence, the pickets or planks are what makes everything truly come together. Without these elements of your fencing, it would hardly be a fence at all!

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