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3 Common Composite Deck Installation Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Composite Deck Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Although composite decks are some of the best in the world, it will not perform as well as it should if it is not installed correctly.

The harsh climates and weather conditions that affect so many around the country demand that anything built outside must be made from strong, sturdy, and durable materials to withstand all of the elements. This includes freezing temperatures, heavy snow, wind-driven moisture, high heat/humidity, and torrential rainstorms as well. That’s why more and more professional builders and contractors everywhere agree that a composite deck installation for any homeowner is the ideal choice. However, even as one of the best decking materials in the world, it will not perform as well as it should if it is not installed correctly. Here are a couple of mistakes to avoid when performing a composite deck installation in your home.

Unstable Deck Framing

The top reason that decks fail prematurely isn’t from too much weight, but rather from the deck’s ledger board being fastened to the frame of the house incorrectly. Not only do you have to select the correct type of hardware to make the actual attachment, but the ledger board also must be flashed correctly to allow any water drain from under the wall assembly once its finished. As with any lumber, minimizing exposure to moisture is the path to maintaining a secure and stable connection to your home. Consider this when planning your composite deck installation.

Missing Lag Head Screws

An indicative sign of a possible issue with the ledger board attachment is the absence of lag screw heads. If the only fasteners you can see are nails or screws attaching the ledger to your home, it is worth considering bringing out a professional to take a better look before proceeding with a composite deck installation. The solution to the problem could be as simple as adding the right number of heavy-duty lags to the already existing frame.

Using Screws for Composite Deck Installation

Attaching decking to the supporting framing boards below with simple screws has been a standard method for a lot of deck builders. However, with the many advancements in screw technology within the last few years, they are now able to be installed without stripping, so screws can still be challenging to work with, especially for a composite deck installation. Even when screws are installed flawlessly – they can still clutter up the otherwise smooth, sleek, and clean look and feel of a composite deck panel that’s been engineered to look exactly like many kinds of luxury woods. It’s just not a good look when you use screws for the composite deck installation.

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