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The 3 Most Popular Styles for Your Aluminum Fence Installation

The 3 Most Popular Styles for Your Aluminum Fence Installation

Aluminum is one of the best materials you could pick for a secure fence.

If you’ve decided to install some aluminum fencing around your home, you’re going to want to know just a little bit more about them. Their height is three to six feet tall typically, and they are painted with an electrostatic powder across the coating process. This leaves an extremely durable and weather-resistant coat for the fences, making it one of the best materials you could pick for a secure fence. Typically, people choose black and bronze during the aluminum fence installation process. When you’re deciding on what style for your aluminum fence installation, here’s three standard styles, with multiple variations.


This style of aluminum fence is very simple. It has the bottom rail closer to the ground, and the top rail rests on its vertical pickets. This is a common and subtle choice for a lot of aluminum fence owners.


A Sierra style of aluminum fencing includes two horizontal rails at the top of each section, while the pickets go through the mid-rail. This allows you, as well as your guests, to rest your arm on the top of the rail without feeling the sharp pickets. The bottom part of the fence can be placed either close to the ground or about six inches off the ground with pickets sticking below the rail. This usually is the most popular style for aluminum fence users. There is another variation of this fencing style called the Outback, which is like the Sierra style, except every other picket goes through the mid-rail, then halts before it gets to the top rail of the fence. Strongly consider this style for your aluminum fence installation.


The Appalachian style of aluminum is characterized by pickets going up through the top rail of the fence. This creates a dangerous-looking top for a dog or squirrel who might think twice before trying to jump over. The second rail is around eight inches below the top rail. The bottom rail can either be placed near the ground or also about six inches off the ground with the pickets sticking through.

Appalachian aluminum fences include:

  • Elegant arch – which uses inverted hooks to link up the pickets above the rails
  • San Fran – an inverted dome is formed at the top of the pickets
  • Manhattan – has the top pickets alternating in height and size. This gives the fence an up-down, up-down effect on the eye.

Aluminum fences are one of the most durable and stylish fences you could install on your property. Any of these styles will look brilliant surrounding anyone’s lawn. Consider hiring a professional for a future aluminum fence installation.

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