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3 Snow and Ice Safety Tips for Your Vinyl Deck

Vinyl Deck

Keep your vinyl deck safe this winter by knowing these snow and ice safety tips.

Winter is in full effect and that means many of us are living in areas with fairly heavy snow. Now is as good a time as any to think about the best way to clean snow and ice off of a vinyl deck to keep everything safe and functioning how you need it to. By keeping your deck clear and slip-free, it makes for a safer experience for you, your family, and guests. We’re here with three tips to help make your vinyl deck safe to use this winter.

1. Pick the Right Snow Shovel

Snow shovels are the easiest way to clear your deck and cut down on the problem. With that said, some snow shovels just aren’t safe to use on a deck and could even cause damage to the vinyl surface. That’s why it’s important to choose the right shovel that will work on your deck. Look for a plastic snow shovel with a straight edge—anything that’s metal-edged could end up causing damage to your vinyl deck’s membrane and a chipped plastic edge could do the same. Stick to something basic and you should be fine.

2. Clear the Path

Snow can build up pretty quickly if we let it. While you may not need to clear your entire deck off at the sign of every bit of snow, you should be keeping a walking path clear in case you need to walk around your deck. Often, it’s best to keep a snow shovel on your deck so that you can grab it whenever it is needed, which makes it even more difficult to neglect the chore. Ice will begin to build up if you don’t get out there regularly which turns into an actual safety hazard.

3. Add Some Traction

Sometimes, rain and slush is just unavoidable. It may not be easily removed with a shovel and it still poses a big safety hazard. Quality vinyl decking will already have a good bit of traction to it, but there is more you can do. Just make sure if you use a de-icer, ensure that it won’t do any damage to your decking. In the spring, you want to also take the time to really clean your deck to remove any remnants of the de-icing product.

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