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4 Different Types of Patio Enclosures

4 Different Types of Patio Enclosures

Investing in a patio enclosure is the perfect solution for enjoying the outdoors without being affected by the weather or bugs.

A patio is a wonderful addition to a home in this area, where the seasonal weather in the spring and fall make for ideal conditions to enjoy nature. We get temperate days and cool evenings for a large part of the year, and having a cozy, inviting outdoor living space is great. One downside to a patio is that it is in the open air, meaning that as we inch toward summer, the bugs will start to become a problem (and stay a problem through most of the fall). Investing in a patio enclosure is the perfect solution for this problem. But how do you find the right one for you? Read on to learn about four different types of patio enclosures and their benefits.

Screen Enclosures

Screened patio enclosures are the most common and popular option. These enclosures usually have a metal or wood frame, and the screening is attached to them. Like all enclosures, the frame includes a ceiling that will protect you from rain, and the screening allows the air in but not the bugs. Screened-in patios are often a stepping stone to a solid enclosure since it is a less expensive option that satisfies the needs right now.

Glass Enclosures

A glass-enclosed patio is also called a sunroom, and it is the next most popular option. This option converts the patio for year-round use and allows you to enjoy the sun no matter the temperature. This enclosure provides a roof and a frame filled with glass panels. Occasionally the roof may also be made of glass. The major downside to these is that the glass blocks airflow. However, to fix this issue, some designs include sliding doors or open walls (but then the bugs become an issue. Another downside is the cost of glass. To fix this, some people opt for acrylic instead.

Vinyl Enclosures

Vinyl is another enclosure that provides protection from the elements. Similar to glass enclosures, it does block airflow, which is a downside for many people. Some designs combine the screened patio enclosure with transparent vinyl sheets that can be rolled up and down to block the wind. These sheets do not truly protect the space because wind and rain that is hard enough can still get in. 

Aluminum Enclosures

Aluminum enclosures include an aluminum frame that has a roof and windows. The windows and doors usually have both screen and glass to offer year-round use of the space. The aluminum makes the frame easy to maintain and strong. This type of enclosure is usually pre-made into panels to make installation easier and less time-consuming.

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