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The Basics of Porch Enclosures

Porch Enclosures

Porch enclosures can really change how much use you get out of your porch.

If you’re looking to expand your usable space in your home, porch enclosures are an ideal way to do so. It takes advantage of your already-existing porch or patio as a starting point for a structure and uses that area as an additional room. Sometimes, though, porch enclosures can be as simple as added glass or screen panels along with the right flooring. There are many kinds of porch enclosures out there so let’s take a look at all the basics.

Three Season vs. Four Season Porch Enclosures

If looking for a porch enclosure, you may have heard the distinction between three and four season porch enclosures. This is actually pretty easy to understand. If you plan on using your enclosed porch area as a year-round living space, then it’s important that it is properly weatherproofed and insulated. This is important in making sure that heat is able to be retained during the winter and keep everyone nice and toasty. In some climates, it may also be important to protect against heat or rain. Just remember that the more weather-proofing you need to do, it may be more expensive.

Adding Windows

An easy way to upgrade your porch is simply by adding windows and window frames. There are a few options here, including opting to use code-specific glass planes or just have a combination of glass and screen window elements, which allows you to really open up the area and let air circulate during more temperate weather conditions without letting insects in. However, if security is a concern, be sure to include window grill designs into your window frames to better protect your porch.

Walls and Doorways

If you’re interested in making your porch more of a usable space, you may need to actually install enclosure walls and doorways. That said, most people still try to balance more windows than walls as a means of separating the area from the rest of the home, as if it were mostly walls, it may just feel like the rest of your home. The whole point is to give you a better view and the open feeling of a porch, while still protecting anyone who takes advantage of the space from insects and bad weather conditions.

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