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Building Your Composite Deck With Safety in Mind

Building Your Composite Deck With Safety in Mind

As you look into installing a composite deck, there are plenty of elements you must consider.

A composite deck can be the perfect addition to your home, as it adds plenty of space and versatility. You can add outdoor furniture to the deck to create a cozy spot to sit and socialize, read a book, or enjoy a drink of wine. You can add outdoor dining tables and create even more space to enjoy a meal with family and friends. Or you can add a barbecue or outdoor kitchen to give yourself more space to prepare meals. As you look into installing a composite deck, there are plenty of elements you must consider. One of these elements is safety features. This is very important if you plan on aging in place. You want to be able to enjoy your deck at any moment or stage in your life. Here are some of the best safety features we recommend incorporating into your deck.


Adding some railing can help to keep you and your guests safe on your deck. This can prevent people from falling off and hurting themselves. As you look into selecting a railing material, you want to use a type that allows you to still take in the overall view of your space. Some useful materials include vinyl, glass, metal, or cable. Secondly, choose something that is very low maintenance, so you don’t have to spend too much time maintaining the railing. This is important the older you and your composite deck gets. Composite decks are excellent choices for this reason.


One more critical safety feature to incorporate into your deck, and throughout your whole outdoor space, is lighting. Proper lighting can assist you in minimizing any slipping and tripping hazards. Make sure to illuminate all entry areas, steps, paths, as well as decks, pergolas, and gazebos as well. There are plenty of ways to brighten your outdoor space, including path lighting, fixed wall lights, motion sensor lights, string lights, and hanging pendant lights.

Some Extra Safety Features

Last, make sure to think about other safety features as you design and construct your composite deck. You want to ensure that you have simple and easy access to your house. Try to avoid too many level changes, as they can be tough to navigate the older you get. Try to ensure all of your surfaces, like outdoor kitchen counters, are convenient to reach and plan for an open layout. This will help to make your living space more comfortable to navigate for everyone in your family.

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