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6 Tips for Keeping Your Composite Deck Looking New Throughout the New Year

6 Tips for Keeping Your Composite Deck Looking New Throughout the New Year

Your deck has to be in excellent condition all through the year.

deck is way more than just an extension of your living area. It’s the entrance into your home where long and memorable hours are spent with family and friends. For that reason, your deck has to be in excellent condition all through the year. Most homeowners prefer a composite deck because of its durability. It won’t splinter, and more importantly – it requires little to no maintenance. Even though a composite deck is very durable, its still advisable to clean and maintain it consistently. Here are six simple ways to preserve the beauty of your composite deck.

Clean Food Debris Right Away

Eastern Shore Porch and Patio’s composite decks are built and designed to resist the growth of any mildew or mold that can flare up allergies or spread illnesses. For mold to grow, it needs a consistent supply of oxygen, moisture, and organic food. Although mold can’t grow on the composite deck, it will survive on any food debris and other natural materials left out on the deck. Keep your composite deck’s surface clean to prevent the growth of these dangerous fungi.

Do Not Use Shovels or Sharp Edges While Removing Snow

During the winter, a lot of homeowners typically have a harder time scooping snow off their composite decks. While this is necessary, using shovels can etch your surface of the composite deck and this can leave permanent damage. Instead of using a shovel, use calcium chloride to remove any ice or snow from your deck. It’s safer and easier.

Be Careful with Fire

Composite decks are known to retain heat. This means that indirect or direct sources of flames, such as barbecue grills, fireplaces, and fire pits, can damage the surface of your composite deck. Be careful and make sure there is no source of fire around your deck.

Remove Oil and Grease Spills

Usually, composite decks come with a warranty. However, you might ruin your warranty if you don’t clean off any oil or grease stains. To effectively clean up these kinds of spills, use a soft non-metal brush and some soapy water.

Inspect Your Composite Deck

Schedule a deck inspection at least a few times a year and make sure to keep a sharp eye out for cracks, loose boards, mold, loose screws, split boards, protruding nails, or any other issues that could require a repair.

Prevent Any Tannins

Tannins typically form when organic materials get stuck in between the gaps of your composite deck. As a result, water can pool underneath it. You can reduce the chances of tannings by cleaning the holes with a broom or hose.

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

When you embark on your next project for your property, trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio to help. We service Bethany Beach, Ocean City, Lewes, Salisbury, and the Delmarva area. You can request a quote today! If you have questions or concerns, call us at 302-436-9520 or send us an email at For updates and ideas, follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Youtube.

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