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Should You Choose Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl Fencing

What are the benefits of vinyl fencing and is it right for you and your property?

Fences are a great addition to most properties, increasing privacy, improving home value, and adding curb appeal. If you already have a fence, you likely know all of the benefits they provide, but they also require maintenance, and eventually you may have to think about replacing them. Whether you’re considering adding a fence for the first time or replacing your existing fence, you may be amazed at all of the fencing material choices you have. One that you are likely considering is vinyl fencing, but should you choose it?


While other fencing choices like wood and iron might be more well-known, vinyl fencing tends to be the most affordable choice. Not only is it usually the less expensive option when it comes to installation costs, vinyl fencing also has a lower cost of ownership and maintenance.  Once you have the fencing installed, the majority of your costs are done, unlike with other materials that may require a substantial maintenance investment over the years.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of colors and styles and is appropriate for most residential uses. It is sturdy enough to ensure privacy and fits in nicely in most neighborhoods, from urban to suburban to country. You are sure to find an option that matches your home and your aesthetic. Vinyl tends to provide a very clean and subdued look as well, so if the style of your home changes over the years, your vinyl fence will still fit. Additionally, if your deck is vinyl choosing vinyl for your fence as well makes a lot of sense so that they will match.

Low Maintenance

Other fencing materials require a lot of upkeep, including painting or staining, sanding, and pressure washing. While you can pressure wash your vinyl fence (especially if the fence is white and starts to get very dirty), you likely won’t need to. Usually, vinyl fencing simply requires periodic cleaning with soap and water. Aside from that, you shouldn’t have to do anything to maintain your vinyl fence. Simply sit back and enjoy the beauty and privacy it offers.

Resistant To Damage

Vinyl fencing is resistant to many of the types of damage that can plague fences. Unlike wood fencing, vinyl fencing will never succumb to insect damage or infestation. If you live in a damp climate, you will also be safe from the effects of rust, which is a problem for some metal fences, and rot, which affects wood.

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