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Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Wooden Deck

Learn how to maintain your wooden deck with tips from Eastern Shore Porch & Patio!

Learn how to maintain your wooden deck with tips from Eastern Shore Porch & Patio!

We know you’ve been waiting to plan multiple parties over the Summer and now the time has finally come, but just as you prepared for the party itself, you need to prepare your deck for the party. Wooden decks may be the most affordable, but they do require regular maintenance. If you are unsure of what kind of maintenance you should perform on your wooden deck, here are five quick and easy tips from the experts at Eastern Shore Porch & Patio. 

Seal Your Deck

This is the most important tip as we cannot stress enough to make sure your deck is sealed. Your deck could either be brand new or been with you many years and it still wouldn’t change the need of making sure your deck is always sealed. This will protect the sun from drying up your wooden deck and creating an unsafe environment you could be unaware of.

Say No to Paints

As you can paint or stain your deck, understand that doing so requires far more upkeep than keeping the natural state of the wooden deck. If you want a deck to last you the longest, refrain from paints and stains.

Quick Repairs

If you notice a part of your deck is damaged, do not wait to get it fixed. To maintain the integrity of the wooden deck, staying on top of repairs and getting them fixed as soon as possible can save you a lot of time, money and convenience. If you notice some of your wood beginning to rot, make sure you get it replaced as soon as possible as this can result in replacing the whole deck. Also, if you notice any screws or bolts coming loose, take the time to tighten them to prevent your deck from falling apart.


New Deck Cleaning

One great tip for maintaining your wooden deck is starting the cleaning maintenance as soon as you receive a new deck. Get the deck cleaned by a professional and stain after two months of getting a wooden deck. Lastly, get a waterproof sealer applied, which is the most important maintenance you should plan for. Getting a new deck is not an install and done deal. There are still important maintenance steps that need to start soon after.  

Protect from Grease

It’s easy to watch and make sure your food is not burning, but are you equally watching to make sure grease isn’t falling on your wooden deck? This can be very important as grease stains are terribly hard to remove and you don’t want multiple grease stains falling adding an unwanted stain to the clean look of your deck. Grease catchers can help with this problem. If you have not invested in this products, it’s time to start looking.

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