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Boost the Curb Appeal of your Delaware Home with a Custom Pergola

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It is no secret to any homeowner that an important part of owning and maintaining a home is making sure that it looks beautiful. The appearance of your home is important because it will impact your home’s resale value and how much money you can get for it if you ever choose to put it on the market. If you’re looking for simple ways to boost the curb appeal of your Delaware home, consider adding a custom pergola. 

A touch of elegance

An important component of curb appeal is aesthetics, and quality aesthetics is exactly what you will be getting with a custom pergola. A pergola offers a touch of elegance and sophistication to your yard that is difficult to acquire with any other kind of landscaping or yard accessory addition to your home. Pergolas are made out of high quality vinyl to match your vinyl fence, which will look outstanding in any yard. You can also have your pergola customized and designed to your specific wants and desires to ensure that you are leaving the right first impression on friends, families, and strangers.

Perfect for gardens

A fantastic way to utilize a custom pergola to boost your curb appeal is to use it as a center to plant your garden around. Planting your garden around your pergola offers up a fantastic amount of aesthetic appeal that is sure to please the eyes of anyone that passes by. You can even utilize the pillars of your pergola as a part of your garden. You can choose to mount potted plants on the pillars and plant whatever you like in them that you think will look best with your pergola. You can also use the structure to as support for climbing ivy or rose vines. No matter what decisions you choose to make, your pergola can add a great deal of curb appeal by making it the centerpiece of your garden.

Additional outdoor living space

A pergola is especially nice for a boost in curb appeal because it can extend the reaches of your home to the outdoors when the weather is nice. Since a pergola provides shade from the sun, you can easily create a lounge area where your pergola is constructed to relax and enjoy the outdoors. When people see how easy it is for you to have fun outdoors thanks to your pergola, your curb appeal is sure to skyrocket.

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

When you embark on your next project to erect a pergola on your property, trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio to help. We service Bethany Beach, Ocean City, Lewes, and the Delmarva area. You can request a quote today! If you have questions or concerns, call us at 302-436-9520 or send us an email at For updates and ideas, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

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