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Follow These Helpful Tips To Replace Your Exterior Doors For Your Home

Are you dreaming about upgrading the exterior doors of your home? Whether you’re planning to list it for sale soon or want to like what you see when you get home from work every day, updating the home’s exterior is the best way to improve your curb appeal. While there are several ways to do this, from adding a deck or outdoor living space to installing a new fence, most homeowners choose to update their siding and windows first for the most significant effect. 


Upgrading exterior doors is a great way to renovate your home.

Out With Old Exterior Doors

There are several reasons to remove your home’s old exterior doors. For starters, weathers, dented, cracked, or otherwise damaged doors look bad, especially up against a newly refinished home. Older doors also tend to not be as energy efficient, lacking the insulation effects of newer doors, and they can occasionally be less secure as well. Finally, the older the door, the more likely it is that it doesn’t hang correctly – this will be another reason the doorways are letting out the heat or the AC and driving up your home energy costs. 

Choose Your Exterior Doors Material Wisely

Exterior doors come in a wide variety of materials. Natural wood is still trendy, allowing you to choose from several species and have a door constructed to meet your needs. This process and the materials can make it expensive, however. There are also likely pre-fab wooden doors that you can choose from. Either way, wood does require maintenance, however. Fiberglass is another popular choice since it is low-maintenance, resistant to damage, and can withstand temperature swings. Fiberglass can even be modeled to mimic wood (for less cost). Steel is the final popular material; since it makes a sturdy security door, it is often a top choice. Steel can rust over time and is prone to dents and damage.

Customize It to Fit Your Vision

Finally, most exterior doors come in a variety of styles. You can usually choose the number, size, and placement of windows. Some styles have smaller windows only at the top, and others are almost entirely made of glass. Those windows can often also be customized to provide added privacy. Finally, regardless of the material of the door, you can usually choose the color – choose one that complements your new home color. 

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

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