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Here Are Some Pros and Cons of Pressure Treated Lumber For Your Fence

Are you planning a new or replacement fence project soon? If so, you likely have already weighed all of the potential benefits of having a fence, things as increased privacy, improved security, and enhanced curb appeal. Installing a fence is a great choice, but it also involves a lot of other decisions in the process. Have you also spent time thinking about your fencing material? There is more to consider than just wood, metal, or vinyl. Within each of these fencing categories, there are options. If you’re sorting through your wooden fencing material options, read on for a handy listing of the pros and cons of pressure-treated lumber.


Some people use pressure-treated wood fences.

Cons Of Pressure Treated Lumber

There are three major cons to pressure-treated lumber. The first is that there are limits on where you can use it. For fencing, this primarily applies to gardens. The process of pressure treating embeds chemicals directly into the wood, and over time there is a possibility that those could leach out, so you should not use it in the soil where you’re going to grow things to eat. 

Another con is the cost of pressure-treated lumber, which is higher than some other types of wood. This would be less of a con if you didn’t have to do as much maintenance, but you still need to stain pressure-treated lumber annually. Finally, it takes months for pressure-treated wood to dry, so if it is still “wet” when they built your fence, you may find you have some wood warping.

Pros Of Pressure Treated Lumber

There are also several pros to pressure-treated lumber. First, it is a bit denser than untreated wood because of its chemicals. This makes it more robust, durable, and resistant to damage. While it’s more expensive than untreated lumber (as mentioned above), it is less costly than other materials, like iron, and even more than some high-end wood, like cedar. 

Pressure-treated lumber is also resistant to many pests and problems that can plague untreated wood, such as insects, fire, and moisture. You won’t have to worry about it rotting as quickly as untreated wood, nor will you have to worry about it rusting. You also won’t have to worry about cracking if you hit it with your lawn mower. You can rest easy knowing your new fence is safe.

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