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Important FAQs To Ask Before A Pergola Installation

Eastern Shore Porch Patio Pergola InstallationEveryone has their own unique vision of an ideal outdoor living space. If your vision includes a lovely pergola, imagine yourself relaxing on a comfortable sofa under a beautiful patio to create a peaceful retreat. A pergola not only adds enchanting aesthetics, but it’s also functional. When exploring potential pergola plans, jot down measurements for the area you want to install it, similar to how you would for a deck or fence installation. Then, consider these questions before proceeding with the pergola installation.

How Much Shade Do You Need?

The style of pergola you choose will determine the amount of light that filters through onto your patio. At Eastern Shore Porch and Patio, we offer an extensive range of pergolas with excellent patio coverage. Each pergola style provides a varying degree of coverage, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.

Should I Have My Pergola Attached To My House?

Pergolas that are attached to your home can provide an extension of your living space right from your back door. While freestanding pergola kits offer this feature, they can also be placed further away from your home. Attached pergolas provide more flexibility in terms of location and landscaping options.

How Much Space Is Needed For Patio Furniture?

Whether you’re hosting large gatherings or simply want ample space to move around under your patio cover, you can choose a larger pergola. If you prefer a smaller or medium-sized one, there are sizes available to suit your needs.

Can I Use My Pergola Area As An Outdoor Kitchen?

If your outdoor kitchen is simply a grill that you use for cookouts, it’s important to factor in its size when planning for a pergola installation. The experts at Eastern Shore Porch and Patio can assist you with this, ensuring that you have accurate measurements and a clear plan for completing the project.

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

When you embark on your next project for your property, trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio to help. We service Bethany Beach, Ocean City, Lewes, Salisbury, and the Delmarva area. You can request a quote today! If you have questions or concerns, call us at 302-436-9520 or send us an email at For updates and ideas, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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