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Is an Outdoor Living Space A Good Investment?

eastern shore porch patio outdoor living spaceThe end of summer is right around the corner, but that doesn’t have to signal the end of outdoor living. On the contrary, the fall is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your outdoor living space. If you still need to create an outdoor living space in your yard, there is still time to tackle this popular project with a great return on investment. Creating an outdoor living space can give you years of 3-to-4 season use and make selling your property easier. Let’s explore the factors you need to consider when deciding if an outdoor living space is a good investment for you.

There Are Several Types To Consider

You can add an outdoor living space to your property in several different ways. You could opt for a new patio, deck, or porch attached to your home or “floating” out in the yard. That porch or patio could be covered with various styles of roofing structure, or it could Alternatively, you could add a sunroom or a solarium instead of a porch or patio. If you already have a feature such as a patio, your project might be to add new elements like a fire pit, pool, or hot tub. Each of these types of projects has different costs and associated outdoor living benefits. 

Consider Both Form And Function

One of the most important things to consider about your outdoor living space is that it has to be functional for the outdoor living you want. Do you love to cook outside all summer long? Then your outdoor living space should include everything you need to make that a comfortable experience. If you like to have a place to sit and relax, safe from the biting bugs of the season, a screened porch might be the better choice. Once you’ve decided on the function of the space – based on how you plan to use it – then you can focus on the form. The aesthetics of an outdoor living space come secondary but are still very important if you want a good return on your investment in the long run.

Remember To Keep Maintenance Needs In Mind

If you’re looking to maximize your return on investment (ROI), keep the maintenance needs of the space in mind. Something that looks great but requires a lot of maintenance will add less to your potential resale value (since people will be saddled with that additional responsibility. For instance, when choosing your building materials, recognizing that wood is cheaper upfront but requires yearly or every-two-years painting is essential. 

Compare Potential ROI To Costs

Remember that the ROI is about more than just resale value unless you are looking to sell your home in the immediate future. If you get a lot of use out of the outdoor living space before you ever think about selling the house, that can be enough value.

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

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