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Vital Questions To Ask A Fencing Contractor Before A Fence Installation

eastern shore porch patio fence installationWith many of us spending more time at home, we’re looking around our property and considering what additions we can make. You can take care of some jobs on a relaxed weekend, whereas others are best left to the pros. In the case of fence installation, it’s one job where the scale of the project and the nuances of regulations are likely best left to a professional installer. That said, when looking for a fencing installer, there are some questions you will want to ask them before the project is underway.

Do You Have References Or A Portfolio?

When installing fences, hiring an experienced and reputable installer is best. It’s crucial to find someone with the necessary expertise to ensure everything is done according to the code. To help you make an informed decision, ask the installer for a list of references. These should be previous customers who can share their experience with the installer, including their practices, performance, and overall experience. You can check online reviews on platforms like Facebook or Google to learn more about a fencing installer’s reputation. While some installers may post reviews on their website, seeking unbiased sources is best. However, a reputable installer should be happy to provide references for you to verify their reputation firsthand.

What Is The Estimated Duration Of The Project?

Installing a fence may not be a time-consuming home project, but it requires contractors to work in your yard. Therefore, it is essential to reach an agreement on the estimated timeline for the installation process. You can request updates on the progress, such as when the posts will be set up, when the panels will be attached, and when the fence will be stained and painted. These updates are helpful for your planning and as a sign of the fencing installer’s competence and ability to provide a clear timeline.

What Are The Overall Costs?

When installing a fence at home, the cost is an essential factor to consider. While an estimate can be helpful, it is only an estimate. You should obtain a detailed cost breakdown during the project to avoid unexpected expenses. You can then compare the estimate to this document and discuss any differences with your installer. Are you ready for a new fence installation? If so, don’t hesitate to contact Eastern Shore Porch & Patio for all of your fencing needs.

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