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What to Look For When Deciding on a New Deck

Looking into getting a new deck installed this year? Familiarize yourself with these considerations first.

Adding a new deck to your property is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal and value this spring. When your home has a deck, it helps increase the amount of living space you have access to, enhances your enjoyment of the outdoors, and gives you a beautiful addition to your home and landscape. But, before you dive into building, take a moment to mull over the three primary considerations for your design.


One of the first things that any homeowner must consider is what material they would like their new deck to be made from. Many homeowners are enjoying the benefits of a composite wood and vinyl deck, which can be lower maintenance. Composite has a lower risk of suffering from mold, mildew, and rot, but it some find it to be less attractive. An entirely wooden deck is always an excellent choice. While wood does require maintenance, it’s long lasting and beautiful.

Purpose and Size

Depending on the use of your deck and the proportions of your space you may find that you need to alter your size plans. While you will want a large deck if you intend to use it for frequent parties if your home and yard are small a large deck may not look as good due to the difference in proportion. Finding the perfect match of size for your home and space as well as your intention can be difficult, but the end result will be a more effective and pleasing feature.


As you begin to design your deck consider how you will be using it and what additional features might benefit you. For instance, adding an area with a roof and built in ceiling fan can help keep your space usable all summer long. Or, you might find that adding in lighting features is an excellent way to go. If you are using your deck as part of an outdoor kitchen, you might also explore how to adapt your space to suit that usage better. No matter what your desires, your deck can fit your needs.

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