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How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Your Fence

New Fence

Is it time for a new fence? Take a look for these warning signs that it just isn’t worth it to keep repairing your old one.

Your fence does a lot of work for your home and property. Fences often increase your safety and the security of your property by containing kids and pets and keeping intruders and other animals out. They may offer privacy so you can enjoy your outdoor living areas in peace. And they often increase your curb appeal with their beauty and design. Over time, however, your fence may start failing at some or all of these functions, as it succumbs to age and damage. There will be a point where you can no longer repair your fence and you need to replace it. Here are four ways to know you’ve reached that point.


Discoloration might not seem like a terminal issue for your fence, but it can be. Most people would simply repaint the fence to hide the discoloration without thinking about it. However, the source of the discoloration is the issue. If you know that the discoloration came from an identifiable outside source, don’t stress about it. If not, the issue is likely the aging and deterioration of the fencing materials. In this case, it’s time to replace the fence.


If your fence is wooden, eventually you’re going to deal with warping. Warping is usually the result of changes in the temperature and moisture content of the wood during the seasons, however, it can also be an indication of rot. Whatever the cause, visible warping of your fence means it’s time for a new one since it is becoming unstable.


If your fence poses a hazard to the people around it, it is time to take it down and replace it before someone gets hurt. This includes any broken wood that has sharp edges or exposed splinters, nails, or screws. It also includes tilting or leaning that indicates the fence might fall (possibly on someone).


This isn’t referring to the slow, ongoing weathering that your fence endures season after season, though that will eventually take a toll. If your fence has experienced a significant storm or weather event, you need to carefully inspect it to make sure it is still safe. Heavy wind and rain can push over fences, erode the soil under them making them unstable, and even break them exposing sharp edges and splinters. If a heavy storm has damaged your fence, it’s likely time for a new one.

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