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Make Sure These Safety Features Are Included In Your Deck

A deck is a great way to expand your residential property and increase the value of your home. It is also one of the premier options for updating your outdoor living space. That said, you need to ensure that your deck has safety features.


Deck safety is crucial throughout the deck installation process.

You could subject yourself to serious injury without a safely secured deck. Not only that, but your home can sustain damage. Continue reading below to learn more about these four safety features you should remember.  

Use Sealants For Your Deck

Often referred to as coating, sealing helps your deck by preventing structural damage. Sealants also prevent your skin from coming in contact with dreaded splinters. Another attribute of this particular adhesive is that they make your deck easier to clean.

Sealants also protect it against moisture and cracks. It also protects it from the sun’s harmful elements. Sealing your deck also protects it against rotting and aids in preserving it. 

Railings Are Always Helpful

Railings are essential because they prevent injuries. They are also helpful in repelling intruders and wildlife. You should always include railings on decks that are 30 inches or higher. They are also beneficial in inclement weather. Railings are also helpful for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.  

You can also use aluminum to construct rails for your deck. This metal is an excellent alternative to wood and gives it a sleek modern look. 

Ledger Boards

When building your deck, ledger boards play a critical role in providing your deck with stability. A ledger board is what connects your deck to your home. Ledger boards are usually made from wood. 

Freestanding units do not require ledger boards, but attached ones do. The law requires you to use a ledger board when connecting your deck to your home. In some cities, freestanding units are prohibited by law.

Flashing Is Helpful  

Flashing is a good technique for keeping your home waterproof from the openings within your deck. Flashing prevents it from flooding and keeps mold away. The International Residential Code requires that corrosion-resistant flashing be applied to your deck to keep water from destroying the wall cavity.

Types of flashing include galvanized steel flashing, stainless steel flashing, aluminum flashing, copper flashing, and vinyl flashing.

When using any method of flashing, it is crucial to keep these three things in mind. Flashing shouldn’t rust, it should be installed in the same fashion as shingles, and it must keep water from entering the building cavity.

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