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Follow These Suggested Tips To Build The Deck of Your Dreams

A deck is an inviting exterior housing attachment to entertain family and guests. It is usually flat and built from the ground up, surrounded by railings. When building a deck, you should consider the material you wish to use and the recommended maintenance needed to create a suitable and reliable unit.

Eastern Shore Porch and Patio Deck

Tips to consider when building your deck.

Factor in your location as well before installation. Building codes vary in certain states and cities. These ensure safety standards. Knowing where your property line is is another helpful tip. If you own a deck, are experiencing issues, or want to build one, continue reading for more related information.

Make Sure Your Deck Has a Solid Foundation

Establishing a foundation is a critical step in deck-building. The footing is essentially what your deck is built on. There are many different types of deck footings. Common ones include poured concrete footings, precast cement footings, deck blocks, and screw piles.

Selecting The Right Materials 

Numerous pieces account for the building of a deck. For example, nine different types of boards make up a deck. They are beams, cap rails, decking, guardrails, joists, ledgers, risers, treads, and top rails. That’s not including the other various parts. The installation is an extensive process, and picking the right tools for the job is vital.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

The deck-building process can be a strenuous one. One way to work efficiently is to avoid these potential mishaps.

  • A ‘rush job’ can harm your deck’s production.
  • Using the wrong materials and hardware
  • Improper installation of the ledger board
  • Not seeking professional help

Many challenges go into installing a deck, and without vast experience, you will encounter issues. With that said, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with your installation.

Selecting the Right Surface

The most common surface types are wood and composite. Wood is the most traditional and comes in three common variations: pressure-treated, cedar, and redwood. Here are some things to note on these particular types.

  • Redwood should be maintained by constantly applying a sealer. It is also highly resistant to warping due to its natural stability.
  • Cedar decking does an excellent job of repelling insects and deteriorates at a lesser rate. However, this wood tends to splinter.
  • Pressure-treated is less inexpensive than cedar and redwood. It is also the most common in retailers.

Composite resembles wooden boards but is made of recycled plastic boards and is an eco-friendly option. They are also easier to clean. Armadillo composite is arguably the most reliable composite available.

More Helpful Tips To Consider

  • Gaps between your boards are necessary to aid the flow of drainage
  • When staining, be mindful of the weather
  • Use a diamond lath to deter various pests and rodents

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

When you embark on your next project for your property, trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio to help. We service Bethany Beach, Ocean City, Lewes, Salisbury, and the Delmarva area. You can request a quote today! If you have questions or concerns, call us at 302-436-9520 or send us an email at For updates and ideas, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.


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