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How To Pick the Right Railing Material for Your Deck

How To Pick the Right Railing Material for Your Deck

The railing material you pick to install on your new deck is arguably more important than the deck itself.

The multiple choices in composite decking choices these days are incredible. You might have spent countless hours searching, designing, and comparing benefits and features on your home’s composite decks. Once you’ve finally made a decision, you might think its time to start building. But, not so fast. The railing material you pick to install on your new deck is arguably more important than the deck itself. Safety is paramount with every rail material you choose, and all modern railings are required to meet code. Here’s a look at some different railing materials, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Wooden Railing Material

In short, don’t get a wood deck railing. Unless you’re looking to sell within a month and need something that will meet up to code standards, as well as look a bit more appealing to the new homebuyer. The fact of the matter is that a wood deck and deck railing material will never look better than the first day they are installed.

Aluminum Railing Material

Modern aluminum railings offer a multitude of benefits. They’re durable, low maintenance, simple to install, lightweight, affordable, safe, reliable, and sleek. They can be bent and formed to fit popular deck shapes. Some cons for aluminum are that it’s a soft metal, is subject to pitting, and has a greater contraction or expansion factor than steel. This means fittings and gates might become tight in hot weather and loose in chilly conditions.

Steel Railing Material

Dependable and rugged steel railings have superior strength when compared to most other rail materials and are usually good looking while remaining clean and sleek. They’re easily customizable and an enhanced version of your traditional wrought iron railings that brings quality to any patio, balcony, or deck. Some cons, though, are that steel can lose some of its strength in cold weather. Repeated beatings from a winter storm will do that. Additionally, if rust is permitted to form on steel, it could spread very quickly. However, if you choose a well-designed system, steel is a good choice.

Vinyl Railing Material

Quality vinyl deck options are aluminum enforced, low maintenance, and have color so that scratches are not visible, making it an excellent choice for most applications. Since it is low-maintenance and cost-effective, it doesn’t need to be sealed or finished. They’re engineered to meet performance and building requirements for outdoor stair railings, deck railings, and more. The only real cons are that they’re not available in darker colors, and they are softer, making them subject to some damage.

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