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How to Remove any Mineral Deposits from Your Composite Deck

How to Remove any Mineral Deposits from Your Composite Deck

Plenty are left clueless when it comes to removing mineral deposits from their decking boards.

One common issue that many people have with their composite decks is mineral deposit buildup. Plenty are left clueless when it comes to removing mineral deposits from their decking boards. The term “mineral deposits” covers a broad range of natural elements and building material by-products, including dirt, mud, cement, concrete, gravel dust, and calcium chloride in a salt form used as ice melt. Luckily, it is easy to remove these messes and establish an ongoing composite deck maintenance program. Here’s a few easy ways to remove mineral deposits from your composite deck.

Where do These Mineral Deposits Come From?

Home construction, deck construction, and installation, or large scale landscaping projects can all result in mud or any other messes being tracked onto your composite deck boards. Also, if you have stucco on your home or gravel paths around your deck, you might find that debris and dust are settling on your deck space consistently. Ice and snow can also lead to debris and mud being tracked onto your deck as well.

How To Remove Any Mineral Deposits From Your Composite Deck

It is recommended to use some form of spray and clean composite deck cleaner. Contact Eastern Shore Porch and Patio for some recommendations for deck spray. Each gallon of cleaner will wash around 250 square feet of your deck. The product might be diluted in a range of ratios, depending on the age of your deck. Wait approximately 30 minutes or so when applying the spray onto your deck. Here are the steps for cleaning your composite deck:

  1. Pour the cleaner inside a pump spray for decking application. For regular dirt/soil amounts, dilute the cleaner with one gallon of hot water. For heavier, stubborn soils, use the product undiluted.
  2. Apply the cleaner to the stained spots on the deck. Most of the stains will be dissolved on contact. However, for more concentrated soils, let the cleaner soak on the deck for three to four hours. Keep the boards wet during the waiting period by applying new cleaner if needed.
  3. Pressure wash your deck to remove the cleaner. Use a fan tip and keep the tip five inches from the surface. If you have any trouble cleaning your composite deck, call Eastern Shore Porch and Patio for assistance.

Managing Mineral Deposits Over Time

The steps outlined above should remove any mineral deposits. If needed, the cleaner can be used occasionally to keep messes at bay, should you have any issues with stucco or gravel and the like. Location, weather, and the environment will all play factors in keeping your composite deck clean.

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

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